First Impressions of Italy and Italians

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In Milan

One day in Bergamo – city we have already been to a couple of years ago. Walking in familiar streets, walking up to Citta Alta, enjoying peacefulness of this small and medieval city. Two days in busy and stylish Milan. Walking around, visiting famous and spectacular Duomo. Longing for Asian atmosphere, wandering around in China Town. Now, for more than … Read More

Our Next Stop: Italy!

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Bergamo - Italy

At that very moment, when we still were in Malaysia and when we were planning our trip back to Europe thinking also about going to Latvia later after, even then we already knew, that it will be returning home only for some time. To meet family and friends and take a rest for 2-3 months. Because we knew, that that’s … Read More

We Are Living in the Castle

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Chateau de Burnand - France

After 9 monhts in Asia we are back to Europe. As Kaspars wrote, everything there seems so much like at home, but at the same time so unfamiliar and distant. Getting from Langkawi island in Malaysia to Paris took us about 30 hours, including time we spent waiting for connecting flights. We spent 3 days in Paris. And after that … Read More

Paris in Three Days

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Street shop selling posters in Paris, France

Airplane has landed. People around us start to put on their jackets, scarfs, hats. And there are we standing together with them – wearing only t-shirts, shorts and flip flps. “Is it that cold in summer in Paris?” Aircraft’s doors open and people start to go out. We go out from the airplane into corridor connected to the airport and … Read More