We Are In Portugal!

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Kaspars standing by Atlantic Ocean - Portugal

Remember, a little bit more than two weeks ago we moved to the Netherlands to work for few months there and save money? And now we are in Portugal? Yes, that’s exactly how it is. We went to Amsterdam. Actually we went to Rotterdam first. We had enough time and so we decided to see one new for us city. That … Read More

Walking Camino de Santiago – Day 13, FINISH of Camino de Santiago in Finisterre

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Walking to Finisterre, Camino de Santiago, Spain

Kaspars’s diary of the adventure completed in spring 2013. Translated by Una. It is May 2. AccuWeather tells us that this day will be sunny. And it is! The sky started clearing up already yesterday, and today it is crisp blue and without any clouds. We put together all our cash left and buy two big pizzas, which are baked by … Read More