We Left Our Job in Amsterdam After The Second Day

Metro - Leaving job in Amsterdam

One week ago we moved to the Netherlands. We had a job in Amsterdam already. A cleaners job in a 4 star hotel. We knew we would start training on Monday or Tuesday. And our plan was to stay here for several months. Work and save money. And then to move on again. Initially we planned to stay here for not more … Read More

Amsterdam, Our First Impressions

Ancient ship in the heart of Amsterdam

It was 14th of May, a very, very hot day in Fuerteventura. The sky was hazy because of the dusty wind from Sahara. Temperature in the shade was over 39 Celsius (103 degrees Fahrenheit). In the sun it was scorching hot. The wind, usually a bit cool and refreshing, that day was hot as well. And that’s the day, when we had a flight … Read More