Istanbul Queen Seagull Hotel Review

Queen Seagul Hotel Istanbul

It was end of December 2012 when we came to Istanbul for the first time. We came on a very short vacation with a family – Kaspars’s brother and sister – to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It was only the third time abroad and the first time – this far away. Istanbul seemed so chaotic, colorful and rather dirty. But … Read More

That Was One Busy Week: 5 days, 5 flights, 6 countries

Kaspars in Dubai - Looking at Burj Khalifa

Right now, as I’m writing these lines, we are back in Latvia. This time for a few months. Maybe a bit longer, or maybe less. We’ll see. But what a journey it was for me – this whole trip from dusty, loud and busy Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, to Balvi, a typical town in Latvia with a population of less … Read More

Read This Before Traveling to Bucharest, Romania

Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest - Traveling to Bucharest

Our journey from Portugal to Malaysia was quite unusual. From a small village in central Portugal we went to Lisbon. From Lisbon we had a cheap Wizzair flight to Bucharest, where our friends live. Then from Bucharest we had another cheap Wizzair flight to… Dubai. Yes, Wizzair has flights to Dubai! We were surprised too. From Dubai we flew to … Read More

Read This Before Traveling to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Una - Canary Islands Fuerteventura

Traveling to Fuerteventura anytime soon? Or should I ask – do you know Fuerteventura? Because many people seem not to know anything about second largest of Canary Islands. Yes, Fuerteventura is that island. It is the second largest of Canary Islands, after Tenerife. Politically part of Spain, but geographically closer to Africa than Europe. Situated just 100 kilometers off the … Read More

Moving to Manchester & Building New Life From Scratch. Story of Laura Lasmane

Laura visiting Peak District, England - Moving to Manchester

Summer of 2015 for Laura Lasmane wasn’t like the previous ones. Not at all. Because that’s when Laura, experienced marketing professional, who had a successful career, decided to take a leap and move from Latvia to Manchester, UK, to live and work there. As she recalls, it was very scary, but she decided to go for it, nevertheless. I have worked with Laura for … Read More

Read This Before Traveling to Latvia

Forest - Traveling to Latvia

Are you thinking about traveling to Latvia? Read on, because here I’m going to share with you what I think are the basic and at the same time most important things you need to know, when traveling to my homeland. Located in the North of Europe, with Russia to the East, Lithuania, Belarus and Poland to the South, is Latvia, one of … Read More

Why You Should Visit Riga? These Travel Bloggers Will Tell You

Heather Hall in Riga

Why you should visit Riga? I could tell you why, but then it would be only my opinion. So instead I decided to get in touch with 8 travel bloggers, who have been to Riga and who have enjoyed their time in Latvia, and ask them this question. To find out what they loved most and why in their opinion people should … Read More

Visiting Central Portugal

Visiting Buddha Eden Garden - Central Portugal

What to see in Central Portugal? If you would ask me this question couple of months ago, I would have no clue what to answer. Lisbon is somewhere in the middle of Portugal, I knew it before. And Portugal has one of Europe’s best beaches. I would then guess, that there are some nice beaches in central Portugal, too. Turns out … Read More

Pear Picking in Portugal – Our Experience

Pear picking in Portugal

It’s already our third week in Portugal. Beginning of September. And beginning of pear picking season in Portugal. At least that’s what we have heard from more than few locals. We don’t know too much about Portugal and we don’t have any fruit picking work experience. But we want to try it now and earn some money. Pear picking will … Read More