From Bangkok to Singapore in 2 Weeks: Short Stories from the Road

Bangkok canal tour - From Bangkok to Singapore in 2 Weeks

In February 2017 we went on a very interesting trip. The route and the region weren’t new to us. In fact, as you guys know – we have traveled there quite a few times during the last 3 years, but Malaysia (especially Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi island) feels a lot like home for us after all the time we have … Read More

Do I Really Need an Onward Ticket? Our Experience in Thailand (+Tips)

Wat Pho - Bangkok, Thailand - Do I Need an Onward Ticket

In order to obtain a visa on arrival in Thailand you need to present a fully paid ticket which is usable within 15 days since the date of entry (source: Royal Thai Embassy). Visa on arrival currently allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 15 days. And that’s why here is this rule – you must provide a proof of … Read More

Bangkok to Singapore: 2 Week Overland Backpacking Itinerary + Tips

Langkawi - Bangkok Singapore Overland Backpacking Itinerary

Friends, let’s travel to Asia together! Let’s go on a 2 week trip and travel all the way from Bangkok to Singapore overland! That’s how I started a Facebook update, that I posted on our Facebook page a few months ago. Why did I do that? Because for some longer time we had this idea, that we would love to take others on … Read More

Getting from Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road for Under $2

Bangkok from above - Getting from Bangkok airport to Khao San Road

Getting from Bangkok airport to Khao San Road is very easy. Like in every major city in Bangkok there are several options, how you can travel from the airport to city center. And Khao San Road is near city center. If you want the easiest way, then you will need to choose between taxi and express bus. In case you … Read More

Hitchhiking in Thailand: Satun – Krabi – Bangkok

Una hitchhiking in Thailand

After 8 weeks of volunteering in Malaysia we were ready to move on. It was beginning of February. On 13th of February we needed to be in Bangkok, from where we were planning to start our 2 week overland backpacking group trip to Singapore (we invited 6 of you to join us for 2 weeks). But until that date we had no commitments. … Read More

Short Trip to Thailand: Satun – Trang – Krabi

in buddhist temple - Krabi, Thailand

Once we got to know, that now it’s possible to get a visa on arrival (for Thailand) in Satun, we decided to try it out. And to travel from Malaysia to Thailand by ferry. We had spent in Malaysia almost a month and wanted to see something new, but Thailand was just a short ferry ride away. Thailand’s New Year Festival … Read More

Langkawi – Satun Ferry: Getting Visa On Arrival in Thailand

Una on the beach - 4 island tour in Krabi Thailand - visa on arrival in Thailand

Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands, is situated at the very North of Malaysia, less than 50 kilometers off the coast of Thailand. And there are frequent ferries running daily from Langkawi to Thailand. While it is possible to get from Langkawi to Koh Lipe by ferry as well – and Koh Lipe is more interesting destination that Satun – we chose … Read More

Moving to Thailand With Family. Story of Gap Year Latvians

Karlis and Emma on elephant - moving to Thailand with family

When most of us think about traveling with family, I guess, it’s an usual 1-2 week holiday spent in one place that comes to our minds first. But it’s possible to do it differently. Let’s take for example this adventurous Latvian family’s journey. Last autumn they made a decision and moved to Thailand for a year. To live there and to … Read More

12 Days in Thailand: Chiang Mai – Bangkok – Phuket

Una in Chiang Mai, Thailand

VISA on arrival for only 15 days. Upon arrival we need to show an onward airline ticket for a flight away from the country. And it’s already decided – we can’t do too much this time in Thailand. We don’t want to run from a place to place. That’s not in our style. So we decide, that this time we will visit only … Read More