Hiking and Camping in Siberia – Tips For Beginners

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Hiking on Olkhon island - lake Baikal

When going to hike along Circum Baikal Railway and on Olkhon island we packed more or less the same things and brought with us more or less the same equipment like when hiking Annapurna circuit in Nepal (see our full packing and equipment list for hiking in Nepal). There was only one difference, though – we planned to camp this time. So, that … Read More

Traveling By Train in Russia. Our Experience And Tips

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Traveling by train in Russia - Una

Once we started to think about traveling to Russia we knew – we will be traveling by train there. There were no questions about it. After hearing and reading so much about Trans Siberian Railway, a network of railways going all the way across Russia for almost 10 000 kilometers, we just had to do it. To go and travel at least some … Read More