8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Traveling to Lake Baikal

Traveling to lake Baikal in Siberia Russia

Because knowing that would make us go on a trip to lake Baikal earlier. 1. It’s not so hard to get to lake Baikal Even though looking on a map and seeing, where lake Baikal is, it doesn’t seem like easily accessible place. No one really travels to Siberia, right? But trust me – it’s not a problem to get … Read More

Read This Before Traveling to Moscow, Russia

Policeman in Moscow, Russia

I wanted to visit Moscow, capital of Russia, since I was a child. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin and Red Square were imprinted on my mind since childhood, because of the Russian TV programs my family watched then. At that time I thought that these are the most beautiful buildings. As travel was not possible for me then, a small child from a … Read More

Read This Before Traveling to Russia

The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed in Moscow - Traveling to Russia

2 months prior to our arrival to Moscow we had no any plans about traveling to Russia. But at the end this 1 month trip to Russia in summer of 2016 turned out to be one of the highlights of 2016. We had heard and read many bad things about Russia so we were ready for whatever comes and kept our expectations low. … Read More

Hiking and Camping in Siberia – Tips For Beginners

Hiking on Olkhon island - lake Baikal

When going to hike along Circum Baikal Railway and on Olkhon island we packed more or less the same things and brought with us more or less the same equipment like when hiking Annapurna circuit in Nepal. See our complete, all-season packing and equipment list for hiking in Nepal. There was only one difference, though – we planned to camp this time. So, … Read More

Hiking Circum Baikal Railway & Olkhon Island (+PHOTOS)

Hiking at Olkhon island - lake Baikal, Russia

We will go to lake Baikal for one week, to hike and camp there. And then we will go to Altai mountains for one week. This is how our Russian friend replied to me on WhatsApp, when I sent him a message saying that we will be in Russia this summer. And so we did – in summer of 2016 we traveled … Read More

Traveling By Train in Russia. Our Experience And Tips

Traveling by train in Russia - Una

Once we started to think about traveling to Russia we knew – we will be traveling by train in Russia. There were no questions about it. After hearing and reading so much about Trans Siberian Railway, a network of railways going all the way across Russia for almost 10 000 kilometers, we just had to do it. To go and travel at least … Read More

Obtaining Russian Visa Abroad (in Cambodia)

applying for russian visa abroad

Just a month ago we had no idea, how to obtain Russian visa abroad and if it is even possible. Well, we had no idea, how to do it in Latvia either. Because then we had no plans about traveling to Russia. But then, thinking about where to go after hiking Annapurna Circuit in Nepal and realizing, that there are no any cheap … Read More