Traveling By Local Bus in Goa, India

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Local Bus in Goa, India

Goa is the smallest state of India. And even though all the distances here are relatively short – it’s only about 100 kilometers from North to South – most of tourists choose not to travel by local bus in Goa. I can understand why. Because they don’t know how theses buses in Goa are operating. But let me help you … Read More

Official Tourist Office Scam in Delhi, India

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hotels of Pahar Ganj, Delhi

Once in central part of Delhi, somewhere in between Connaught Place and New Delhi Railway station, you will notice, that you are surrounded by tourist offices. One official tourist office here, and next one around the corner. One in a bigger office, another one in a smaller. But what you need to know is that in Delhi there are only few government … Read More

We Are Returning to India

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10 more days, and we will be in India for the second time. And again we are going there not for just a short trip, but we plan to spend in India almost 5 full months. We have a flight from Riga to Delhi on 31st of December. That means that this time New Years Eve we will be celebrating in … Read More

European Girl Moves to India. Story of Agate

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Gautam Buddha Park in Noida, India

One thing is to go on a vacation or business trip to a country far away. But another thing is when you move to other country to live. Especially if the country you are moving to is so much different than your homeland. But that didn’t stop Agate from moving to India. And believe me, India differs from Latvia a lot. Read … Read More