4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Travel to India

Fort in Delhi India

So far we have been to India twice, for more than half a year in total. And I’m pretty sure, that many of you, who are following our journey for some time already, thinks, that India is one of our favorite countries in the world. But that’s not quite true. India is interesting for us. Some day we will travel to India again. And … Read More

Read This Before Traveling to Goa, India

Butterfly beach in Goa, India - traveling to Goa

Summer in Europe is over and you are already thinking about going to somewhere warm? Maybe this time it could be Goa, smallest state of India know because of its amazing beaches and parties? Especially because once the summer in Europe is over starts the best time for traveling to Goa. Starting from October and until March it’s mostly sunny there, temperatures never … Read More

What We Eat in Goa, India

Fried Prawns in one of the Restaurants in Anjuna, Goa

The same as Goa differs from the rest of India, food in Goa differs from food in other parts of India. One of the main differences is a wide choice of seafood. And in contrary to many other places around India here you can see pork and beef, not only chicken, on a menu in restaurants quite often, too. Though, for … Read More

One Month in India – How Much Does It Cost for Us?

bananas - India

Until today we have been in India for more than 7 months in total. And during this period of time we have been on both sides – there was a period of 4 months when we were traveling from place to place almost every day, this way exploring quite a big part of this country; and there have been periods when … Read More

Your 6 Dollar Kerala Backwaters Tour (+photos)

Fisherman - Kerala backwaters

If there is something everyone going to Kerala have heard about it’s Kerala backwaters. And when you are reading about things one should do when traveling to Kerala, state in the South of India, taking Kerala backwaters tour is what stands out. For a lot of people it’s a number one activity they want to experience in Kerala. And tens of tour … Read More

We Are Leaving India And Going to Malaysia

plane flying

Today early in the morning we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yesterday was supposed to be the day, when we leave Goa, start a few week trip across India and eventually head to Northern India to stay there for a month or two. Initially we planned to start this trip two weeks earlier. But then, when the date of our … Read More

Tourist Scams in India We Have Experienced

Taxis in Delhi

On January 1, 2016 we returned to India for the second time. We landed in Delhi early in the morning and we were so excited to be back in India! But it didn’t last long, as during the first hours in Delhi we met professional scammers who tried to trick us into buying an expensive tour to Agra and Jaipur. These … Read More

Lazy Frog Goa Hotel Review: Best Budget Hotel in South Goa

Lazy Frog Goa budget hotel

Is Lazy Frog Goa that good as everyone is saying online? In one word – YES. But let me tell you more about our experience and why we think this hotel is that good.  And also – to whom we recommend Lazy Frog! We arrived to Lazy Frog hotel to see their rooms. We wanted to check out if this … Read More

How Our Indian Mobile Numbers Got Deactivated While Traveling in India

Indian mobile numbers not working

It happened during our first trip to India, in the winter of 2013/2014. We were cycling across India, and then one day, after three months of traveling, we woke up and our Indian mobile numbers were not working anymore. That should be because of some mobile network’s technical problem, we thought, but it wasn’t. Days passed, but our mobile numbers … Read More