Public Transport System in Hong Kong

People in Hongkong crossing the street

Let’s travel to Hong Kong – spontaneous idea born in one evening after finding a cheap flight online. Two weeks later we were on the plane. Before our trip we didn’t do a proper research, we didn’t read about getting around in Hong Kong. So I thought that we will get lost at some point for sure. Or at least we will be … Read More

Read This Before Going to Hong Kong

Hong Kong waterfront

As I wrote earlier, Hong Kong for us with Una was completely spontaneous destination (it was in summer of 2014). When buying tickets, we did not know, not what we gonna do there, nor where we gonna live. Nothing. We let emotions to take over and simply used the opportunity to travel to this in our opinion very exotic place. … Read More

Hong Kong Disneyland (+VIDEO)

Hong Kong Disneyland entrance

When a few weeks ago we decided to travel to Hong Kong, we did not really had any ideas about what we are going to do there. We planned to see the city and go out to see nature. Going there itself was big adventure for us. And then, similar to that how we found that flight offer to Hong Kong, … Read More

First Time In Hong Kong, First Impressions

Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong? Another 3 weeks ago I knew next to nothing about this place. But then – there was this banner online with promotional flight offer. We did a quick research to find out, that Hong Kong is an autonomous territory and we Latvians don’t need a visa when traveling there. Then we read few interesting articles about Hong Kong, and IT WAS … Read More