Latvia Travel Guide

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Old Town Riga - Latvia Travel Guide featured photo

With this Latvia travel guide I want to help you to prepare for your trip to Latvia. Whether you will be traveling to Latvia independently or with a group. To read more about Latvia check out these articles! Latvia, my homeland, is a country in the north of Europe, with Russia to the east, Lithuania, Belarus and Poland to the south, and … Read More

11 Top Experiences Not to Miss in Palau

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Colorful fish of Palau - Things to Do in Palau

Guest post by Latvian traveler and blogger Alina Andrusaite ( All the photos used in this article are taken by her husband Jekabs Andrusaitis. Palau? Where is that? Most people would ask when we told them about our upcoming trip. When you have been to more than just a few countries, suddenly you start to understand the appeal of the less visited … Read More

Do I Really Need an Onward Ticket? Our Experience in Thailand (+Tips)

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Wat Pho - Bangkok, Thailand - Do I Need an Onward Ticket

In order to obtain a visa on arrival in Thailand you need to present a fully paid ticket which is usable within 15 days since the date of entry (source: Royal Thai Embassy). Visa on arrival currently allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 15 days. And that’s why here is this rule – you must provide a proof of … Read More

Bangkok to Singapore: 2 Week Overland Backpacking Itinerary + Tips

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Langkawi - Bangkok Singapore Overland Backpacking Itinerary

Friends, let’s travel to Asia together! Let’s go on a 2 week trip and travel all the way from Bangkok to Singapore overland! That’s how I started a Facebook update, that I posted on our Facebook page a few months ago. Why did I do that? Because for some longer time we had this idea, that we would love to take others on … Read More