What We Like About it Most? And Why You Should Use Airbnb?

our pool in Goa India

I know Airbnb for few years already. It’s one of our favorite vacation rental websites. We first used it on our very first trip abroad in summer of 2012, when we went to Italy and Portugal. Now we have used Airbnb both in Europe and in Asia, and we love it! That’s why we can say with confidence, that we will use … Read More

Read This Before Going to Hong Kong

Hong Kong waterfront

As I wrote earlier, Hong Kong for us with Una was completely spontaneous destination (it was in summer of 2014). When buying tickets, we did not know, not what we gonna do there, nor where we gonna live. Nothing. We let emotions to take over and simply used the opportunity to travel to this in our opinion very exotic place. … Read More

What Is India Like? – Our Thoughts After Cycling Across India for 5 Months

Camel in Pushkar

During the winter of 2013 we cycled across India for 5 months. This is what we saw. In June/July 2013, when we told everyone about our plan to go to India for a longer period of time, people reacted differently. But most of them were shocked about our choice of destination. India? It’s so dirty. It’s dangerous there. You will get sick in India. … Read More

Traveling to India: What You Need to Know

Kid on motorcycle in India

In 2013 – 2014 we spent 5 months in India – cycling all the way across India for more than 5000 kilometers. And it was just our first visit to this interesting country. Are you traveling to India anytime soon? Continue reading, because in this article I’m going to share with you all the basic things you need to know, when traveling to … Read More