– How We Find Accommodation Abroad

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our pool in Goa India

I know Airbnb for few years already. It’s one of our favorite vacation rental websites. We first used it on our very first trip abroad in summer of 2012, when we went to Italy and Portugal. Now we have used Airbnb both in Europe and in Asia, and we love it! That’s why we can say with a confidence, that we will … Read More

Workaway – Stay in Your Dream Country for Free. Our Experience in Malaysia

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Kaspars with grass cutter - Langkawi island, Malaysia

Living abroad for several weeks or several months, but spending money only that much to get here and then back home – sounds tempting? We thought so, but now we know that it is completely realistic and doable by me and you. So now you just need to open the world map, find your dream destination and act! In this blog … Read More

Going to India – What You Need to Know

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Kid on motorcycle in India

We spent in India 5 months – cycling across India for more than 5000 kilometers. Here are the things you need to know, when going to India. During our self organised cycling adventure we saw quite a lot from West and South of India. If we would travel all around the country, as we initially were planning to do, our route would … Read More