Free Things to Do in Fuerteventura

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night on deserted beach - Free things to do in Fuerteventura

Weeks go by, but our thoughts about this island stay almost the same as they were shortly after arrival. Read what were our first impressions of Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura is a very special place, and we love it. It is our deserted paradise. After 3 months here, spent mostly in the Southern part of the island, we have compiled a list of interesting … Read More

Travel Apps We Use and Recommend

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Travel Apps We Use

We carry quite a few gadgets. We have two small laptops, two good smartphones, an iPad, Kindle e-book reader and GoPro. Kaspars has also camera (Fuji X30, that he really likes). Although we have all these gadgets, the smartphones are the ones, that we use the most while on the go. Because it’s always there, in your pocket. You can easily use it for browsing the web, you … Read More

First Time Volunteering: Getting Ready

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Girl dreaming while sun is setting

Are you currently thinking of trying out volunteering abroad? Living in some far away country. Seeing places you haven’t seen. Experiencing different cultures. Doing things you haven’t done. Continue reading and you will learn, how to make all of it reality! Why you should volunteer, that’s something I have already been talking about before. For the best result start thinking about it some 3 – 6 months before … Read More

Why Volunteer? – 4 Reasons

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carpenter tools

At the beginning of 2014 volunteering was something unknown for us. But then, after 5 months of being on the road, during our first time long term trip abroad, when thinking about where to go next and how to do it for less money, an idea to try volunteering came to my mind. Some days later it was decided – we will try to … Read More

Public Transport System in Hong Kong

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People in Hongkong crossing the street

Let’s travel to Hong Kong – spontaneous idea born in one evening after finding a cheap flight online. Two weeks later we were on the plane. Before our trip we didn’t do a proper research, we didn’t read about getting around in Hong Kong. So I thought that we will get lost at some point for sure. Or at least we will be … Read More

6 Places to Visit in India

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Mountain in Tamil Nadu, India

In October 2013 we left Latvia and started to travel. First we flew to India and took our bicycles with us. We cycled across India for 5 months – started in Delhi, went up to Shimla and then cycled South through such big cities as Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Pune, till Goa where we stayed for one month. After that we continued our journey … Read More

Langkawi in One Day: Here is What You Can Do

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Kaspars on scooter - Langkawi island, Malaysia

Let’s start with the transport. As there is no public transportation system on Langkawi island, only taxi, you will need to think about it first. We recommend you to rent a scooter in Langkawi. One of the most popular places, where to rent it, is located just by the ferry terminal. Scooter rent for one day will cost you just slightly higher than some … Read More