First Time Volunteering: Getting Ready

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Are you currently thinking of trying volunteering abroad? Living in some far away country. Seeing places you haven’t seen. Experiencing different culture. Doing things you haven’t done. Continue reading and you will learn, how to make it reality! Why volunteer, that’s something I have already been talking about before. For the best result start thinking about it some 3 – 6 months before planned start. Dream … Read More

Why Volunteer?

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At the beginning of 2014 volunteering was something unknown for us. But then, after 5 months of being on the road, during our first time long term travel experience, when thinking about where to go next and how to do it for less money, idea to try volunteering came to my mind. Some days later it was decided – we will try to volunteer … Read More

Cycling Across India – What You Need to Know

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Cycling across India. Sounds like an adventure, that you would love to go for? Then read on, because here I’m going to share with you things we learned during our 5300+ kilometer cycling across India trip. To cycle around India and to spend on this trip approximately 6 months of our time, maximum time you can be in India on … Read More

6 Places to Visit in India

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Mountain in Tamil Nadu, India

In October 2013 we left Latvia and started to travel. First we flew to India and took our bicycles with us. We cycled across India for 5 months – started in Delhi, went up to Shimla and then cycled south through such big cities as Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Pune, till Goa where we stayed for one month. After that we continued our journey … Read More – How We Find Accommodation Abroad

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I know Airbnb for few years already. It’s one of our favorite vacation rental websites. We first used it on our very first trip abroad in summer of 2012, when we went to Italy and Portugal. Now we have used Airbnb both in Europe and in Asia, and we love it! That’s why we can say with a confidence, that we will … Read More