Transportation in Nepal: Jeep, Tourist & Local Buses in Nepal

Public bus in Kathmandu - Transportation in Nepal

Are you traveling to Nepal anytime soon? Or maybe you have already arrived? Let me introduce you to the most popular modes of transportation in Nepal! Nepal is not a big country. But at the same – this country has 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world. So you shouldn’t be surprised to hear, that one big part of Nepal … Read More

Choosing the Best Carry On Luggage: Best Carry On Suitcase 2017

At the airport - Best Carry On Luggage Best Carry On Suitcase 2017

As you probably know it already, we are big advocates for traveling light. With a few exceptions we have been traveling with carry on luggage only since 2012. Why? Because it’s so much easier, you need to carry less and it can also be cheaper. And if there is one thing most of frequent travelers, whom we know, have in common, then that’s it – they … Read More

30 Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur, hindu deity

What to do in Kuala Lumpur? People have asked us this question quite a few times. In 2014 we came to KL for the first time. And in the last 3 years we have been to this city several times, for about 3 months in total. Twice we spent about a month in Kuala Lumpur at a time. And I’m sure we will return. … Read More

Annapurna Circuit in March 2017: Notes from the Hike

Hiking to Thorung La Pass - Annapurna Circuit Trek - Notes from the Hike

In March 2017 I returned to Nepal. Just like 9 months ago I came to this Himalayan country to go on a hike in the mountains. And this time again I was planning to hike the Annapurna Circuit, a picturesque trail going around the Annapurna massif. If the last time we did it all on our own with Una, then now … Read More

Best Travel Daypacks 2017: Choosing the Best Small Backpack

Woman with a backpack - Best Travel Daypacks

What do all the best travel daypacks have in common? They are durable, often water resistant and they are light. Have you ever heard about packable backpacks? Packable daypacks? As the name suggests those are backpacks, that can be folded and packed inside themselves. Trust me, it is a must have if you are a traveler! In this article I … Read More

Backpacking Packing List: For Your Worldwide Adventures

A backpacker in Himalayas, Nepal - Backpacking Packing List

What to pack for a backpacking trip? – that’s the question many people ask themselves and their friends, and Google every single day. You know, it depends. And not that much from the length of the trip as from where are you going and what are you planning to do. From my own experience I see, that the stuff you need for a … Read More

Holi in Nepal: That Was Something Cool!

Holi in Kathmandu, Nepal

Did you know, that they celebrate Holi in Nepal? Until just recently I had no idea. And then I went to Nepal for a hiking trip – Annapurna Circuit. I wasn’t alone. There were 3 more people coming from Latvia to join me. I arrived in Kathmandu on the 7th of March, but my friends were arriving on the 13th. … Read More

Zero Grid Travel Gear: Our Experience

Kaspars in Himalayas - Zero Grid Travel Gear

At the end of the last year we were contacted by the travel accessories company from the USA – Zero Grid, who asked us if we would be interested to try out their travel gear. We liked what we saw online, and so we said – Yes! The same like founders of Zero Grid we are big advocates for traveling light. Whenever … Read More

From Bangkok to Singapore in 2 Weeks: Short Stories from the Road

Bangkok canal tour - From Bangkok to Singapore in 2 Weeks

In February 2017 we went on a very interesting trip. The route and the region weren’t new to us. In fact, as you guys know – we have traveled there quite a few times during the last 3 years, but Malaysia (especially Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi island) feels a lot like home for us after all the time we have … Read More