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We Are From Latvia is a travel blog written by Kaspars and Una, a couple from Latvia. In October 2013, after giving away all their belongings and leaving their jobs, Kaspars and Una went to India, to cycle across it for 5 months. During this adventure they fell in love with traveling. Trying out different methods of how to support this travel lifestyle they have been traveling and living abroad ever since.

On We Are From Latvia Kaspars and Una share stories from their travels, along with travel tips and interviews with other travelers. They are strong advocates of carry on only traveling.

Target audience of We Are From Latvia is budget travelers of all ages. In particular – those who are traveling independently.


Kaspars Misins

Marketing. Website administration.


Una Baufala

Facebook and Pinterest administration.


Social Media & Blog Metrics (Updated: March 2017)


  • Largest audience on Facebook (79%) – women, 18 – 34
  • 300+ likes per Instagram post
  • Average blog visit duration – 1min 30s
  • Audience of wearefromlatvia.com – United States (30%), Latvia (12%), India (10%), UK (7%), Malaysia (4%)
Pinterest Followers

Facebook Fans

Instagram Followers
Monthly Page Views

Media Appearances

Travel Secrets Magazine, India – Crossing India on bicycles (download pdf)

crossing India on bicycles - Travel Secrets - media

Vaduguns (local newspaper in Balvi, Latvia) – Ar velosipēdiem pāri Indijai

ar velosipediem pari Indijai - Vaduguns - media

FHM Latvia – Ar riteni pa Indiju

Ar riteni pa Indiju - FHM - media

Ar riteni pa Indiju - FHM Latvia - media

Kas Jauns – Trakie latvieši: uzraksta atlūgumus un ar velosipēdiem ceļo apkārt Indijai

Trakie latviesi - uzraksta atlugumus un ar velosipediem celo apkart Indijai - Kas Jauns - media

National Geographic Latvija – Ceļojums pa Indiju ir sācies

Celojums pa Indiju ir sacies - NatGeo Latvija - media


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