Traveling the World Since 2012

Pack one bag and book one-way ticket to a faraway country. Quit your job, give everything you own away, and GO! That’s the decision we – Kaspars and Una, founders of We Are From Latvia – made in summer 2013, a year after our very first trip abroad.

Just 4 months later we were already at the airport, ready to start the biggest adventure of our lives so far – 5 months cycling trip across India.

Wasn’t it scary? It was very scary at first and same as exciting soon afterwards. Deep inside ourselves we felt, that it’s something we need to do now. We felt like it might be a really good adventure. And so we did it. We left our home to see the world.

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How is it going?

Year 1


Without almost any experience in traveling and with very limited funds we decided to go on a 6+ month trip. This was the time, when we learned to travel on a very low budget.

In 11 months we spent on average less than 10 EUR/day per person.


  • Cycling across India – 5300+ kilometers, 5 months
  • Volunteering on a yacht & living on tropical island for 2+ months
  • Volunteering & living in a French castle in Burgundy, France

Year 2


Coming back to Latvia we had no idea – what to do next? All we knew was, that we want to travel more. But at the same time we had almost no money left. So at the end for half of the year we volunteered, other half – had paid job in the Netherlands.


  • Christmas in Rome, Italy
  • Winter in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
  • 6 months of living and working in the Netherlands

Year 3


Now it was even more clear – we aren’t coming back to the old life. But still we had no idea, how to make this travel lifestyle sustainable. To put it simply – how to earn money while traveling every other month or even more often? And not just to survive. So we started to read more about other people experience, who had been doing just like that. We started to learn more about online businesses, hoping that something of that would suit us as well.

During this year we traveled quite a lot. Thanks to money saved while working in the Netherlands in 2015. And if during the very first year of long term travel we traveled on a very low budget, now we were spending more.  But it was all well worth spent money.


  • Trekking Annapurna Circuit in Nepal on our own
  • Celebrating Songkran in Thailand
  • Trans Siberian railway journey & Hiking in Siberia

Year 4


This year our plan is to try working online while traveling. We have read a lot about other people’s experience, now it’s the time to try it ourselves. At first we will need to find our place in the world of online entrepreneurs. We will need to put in a lot of hard work. But we are ready for that.

And then we will see if it’s something for us. Location independent lifestyle sounds tempting, right? For us it definitively does. Because we know, we aren’t returning to the 9-5.

Let’s see how it goes!


  • Organizing a trip to Asia for others for the first time
  • Learning new IT skills

Initially we funded our traveling only with our savings.

Then in 2014 we found, a database of volunteering (work exchange) opportunities all around the world, where you can exchange 4-5 hours of your work 5 days a week for an accommodation and a food. We tried it. We loved it. And we used it several times for almost a year in total.

While you can’t earn any money this way, there are several benefits – new experiences, new friends, better understanding of local culture, possibility to live abroad spending very little. Here you will find everything we know about volunteering!

Are you planning to do something similar? Here we are talking about getting ready for long-term travel. What you need to do and what you need to think about before embarking on this journey, step by step. Check it out!

Since 2016 we have been learning about different methods how you can earn money online and working remotely. Since we aren’t planning to stop roaming the world anytime soon, that’s what we want to get ourselves into. We want to be digital nomads.

If we can do it, so can you!

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